I have big news!!

I am so incredibly thrilled. In fact, I am almost speechless.


Estelle, my Guardian Angel kid, the orphan child I’ve advocated for since last October, has a family.


Yes, the Deutsch family has decided to adopt Estelle, and I WILL HAVE ANOTHER SISTER.

I can’t even tell you how over-the-moon I am about this.

And I’m humbled and a little awestruck, because maybe, if I hadn’t decided to advocate for Estelle, maybe she wouldn’t be coming home to become a part of our family.

It’s been a long roundabout journey to come to this point. For many months, my in-laws, Bill and Val, were working hard to bring home two special-needs children from Russia, Tim (12) and Ana (10). They raised over $10,000, only to have the door slammed in their faces by the Russian adoption ban, which was signed into law by Vladamir Putin in late December. For several more months, we all hung on, thinking maybe there might be an exception for special-needs kids, but the door to Russian adoption remained shut. It was heartbreaking to realize that Tim and Ana were never going to be part of our family, and that they might never know the love of a real family.

After much prayer and many tears, my in-laws decided they needed to move on. They still wanted to adopt a kid with the same special need as Tim and Ana, and they still wanted to rescue a kid who was in danger of aging out of the system. Estelle, who turns fifteen this year, was on the top of that list.

I’m so proud of my in-laws for having such a heart for these kids, and I am so excited to be with them on this journey. Look for more posts about this in the future! :D

UPDATE: The family sponsor page is back up at Reece’s Rainbow! Please head over there and read their story, and PLEASE consider donating to their adoption fund. Let’s bring this kid home!

Also, please check out Bill and Val’s blog, and this wonderful write-up of their story from Micah Six Eight.

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